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Didn't find much of use on the VW site. I just bought an 08 Eos Friday and it's technically used (but only had 500 miles!). The problem I'm finding now is, no owner's manual (VW wants $80!) and no front license bracket (req'd here in CA). Anyone know if manuals are available for less and where I can find the front license bracket? I don't have tools to drill (and wouldn't want to if I did).

Any other "must have" or "do want" accessories?
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Ebay has 5 or 6 Eos manuals for around $40.

As for the front license bracket, IF you're going to comply with the CA requirement, you are either going to have to pay someone to drill or you're going to have to do it yourself. Surely you must know someone with a drill?

I just looked at my front bracket and the bumper is only very slight curved at that point. So, I think almost any front bracket would fit as it would only have to be very slightly bent as well.

The difficult part would be centering the bracket on the car. If you bought the car from a dealer, I think you should be able to INSIST that they provide a bracket or at least install one for you. Or you can just join the GROWING group that thinks front license plates are unsightly and just ignore having one at the peril of perhaps getting a ticket. I know at least one guy in my area who does this.

I get a big kick out of the one's who don't have a front license bracket, but then stick their front license inside the front windshield. Looks like something out of "Ma and Pa Kettle at the farm". Rather junky to say the least.

Again, there are several brackets on eBay.

Final thought. Are you SURE you don't have a manual? On the Eos, the manual goes into a slot at the top of the glove box. Since it has a black back, it's almost invisible until it is pulled out of the slot.
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In states where a front plate is required, there should be a front bracket on the car unless the dealer brought the car in from out of state.
I would agree with the above statement. When I first saw the Eos at the Seattle car show in Oct '07, none of the cars in the show had front license brackets. I asked one of the showmen and was told that "they could put one on IF I wanted it". I wasn't too excited about that since it sounded like some slocky add-on and I definitely didn't want to be one of these "riders' who place their front license plate in their front window because they don't want to DEFACE the front bumper with a mere license plate.

About 2 weeks later I pulled the plug and bought a '08 Eos. I noted every Eos on their lot had the brackets already installed so I guess it's a dealer install.
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