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In search of a way to quickly add destinations to my RNS510, I discovered that you can copy Vcard (.VCF) files to a folder called destinations on your SD card and they will be available for you to select. If you're the kind of person that likes planning a trip but doesn't want to have to type in the destinations in your car, this is great!

How do you get the Vcard files, though? One way is to type them into this generator. Another is to use this script which then lets you download the information directly from - the script adds a "Download VCF" link that you can click to download the file.

The original version of the script doesn't work for all landmarks, though - if you want to visit a castle, chances are you see the outline on openstreetmap, then the location is missing. But since I wanted to solve the problem properly, I modified the script and attached it here for convenience. Rename it from .txt to .js and add it as you would the original one on the link, and it should do the trick.


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