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Adding features?

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Hi all,

My first post here, so firstly: Hi!!

I have a question about adding features to my EOS.

I live in the UK and ordered a new EOS to my spec:
Leather, Sat Nav, Auto 6 speed, diesel DSG, multifunction steering wheel with paddles etc.
Anyways, get the car and apparently I didn't add the Auto Lights, Rain sensor option, electric folding mirror option. It all comes as one part of one option. Not sure why i wouldn't have selected it if i've spent so much money on other things...

So is there anyways all those options, or at least some can be added now?
Thanks all,
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I know, I must be doing something wrong. Time for a new job perhaps.
Then again, I don't work 18hours day like a lot of people who work there and I'm 23 so maybe I'm okay ;)
Hi Nick! Welcome to the young Eos owners club! lol I'm 25 and from Kent, perhaps we could arrange a drive by??! lol there is a meet arranged on 26 October for us southerners, perhaps you should consider attending and see just what you missed out on?? I'm a bit disappointed that I missed out on some things too... :cool:
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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