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Advice on speakers, amplifier and system.

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Dear forum.

This is my very first post. I am absolutely delighted that I have finally bought my (first) Eos. Ever since I was a kid, I loved this car. I bought the 200hp 2008. TSI highline (2009 edition) dsg automatic.

There's only one problem, all the large bass speakers are not functioning at all. There's no crackling sounds, it's just silent. When reading out the car, the error message is 'circuit broken' for all 4 the bass loudspeakers. I thought this would be an amp issue, but the 6 other smaller speakers do have sound (only high tones I guess).

My mechanic says the speakers are broken, because when he connected a speaker that he had lying around, the sound did work. He's a very cool guy, so he's allowing me to buy my own parts for him to install.

Therefore, I need help with the following:
  1. I would like to refit the 4 broken bass speakers with good quality ones. Maybe the Dynaudio package? Only, I have no idea what these sizes are. Does anyone have a link for me that entails the proper speakers (front and back) to replace the current broken ones? I have been looking around in this forum and the rest of the web in order to make sense of it all, but I can't filter through all the information. (An EAN for the parts would be even better).
  2. Does anyone know which exact audio system can be placed in the EOS, that has apple Carplay and bluetooth etc? An audio specialist who listened at the sound told me that the only problem seems to be that the current system isn't stock and that the speakers are fine. In my honest opinion, I think he's just trying to sell me a 1200 Euro system that I can buy for 300/500 myself. I also trust my mechanic. If it was the system, it wouldn't be possible for the mechanic to just plug in another speaker for it to work (right?). Anyway, I've added some pictures to show you my current specs.

I hope you guys will be able to help me. I am not that technical when it comes to audio, therefore I am very lucky that I found this forum :)

Thanks a lot in advance.


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Welcome to the forums and to EOS life :)

There are direct factory replacement speakers available from Focal, and amps if you want more power, and subs if you want more thump.

If I remember correctly, the fronts are IS VW 165 and the rears are IS VW 155 but definitely check.

IS VW 165: IS VW 165 - 2-way component kit
IS VW 155: IS VW 155 - 2-way component kit
Amp: Impulse 4.320 amplifier - Focal
Sub Suitable for Mounting between the rear seats: Passive subwoofer PSB200

You might also want to look at a newer factory head unit if the budget allows, or you can go with after market Android units. I personally upgraded with a VW Discover Media unit and not only got all the benefits of new maps, better touch screen, etc, but got improved sound out of the factory speakers due to the head unit being a whole generation newer than the RNS510 (which is the head unit you have. It actually sounded like I'd upgraded the speakers and added an amp...

Discover Media: VW Discover Media Plus MIB2 PQ Retrofit Kit w/ App Connect™
Or Here: VW Discover Media PQ Navigation System – Audi VW Retrofit

Enjoy the best car you'll ever own (y)

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Hope it helps!

I'm sure others will chime in with further advice but look around on the site for all the routine and preventative maintenance to do. It will make your EOS all that much happier.

Don't forget to post up a photo so we can see your new toy.

You have to be extremely careful with these units as they are security coded and, if not activated (code broken) correctly, the unit will cease to operate after 1hr.

Better to buy off a reputable seller who offers the unit as fully functional. More expensive but more secure...

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And that unit you spotted is not a Discover Media, it's a Composition Media (lower spec and no CD Slot at the top). It has been advertised incorrectly. .

I just looked up the focal website configurator and Fronts are IS VW180 / Rears are IS VW 165.
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