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Airbag fault

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Guess I'll try not to hit anything on my way over to the service department next week :(


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Is that the spring that holds the AA battery in place on my wall clock lol. Mick
I read that the clockspring has been defective for years on this forum. Here mine is a 2012 and it broke after 14,000 miles. The dealer said the clockspring was defective. Now I have lost faith in VW. What is going to go next? I asked the repair manager and he said VW does not make its own parts. They are made in Mexico.
I love the car, but I fear it may be a piece of Mexican junk parts.
I wouldn't say that the clock spring was a specific fault of just VW (all other car makers can suffer the same defect) and its not that common on the EOS. I think you where just unlucky, and it's at least covered under warranty.

1 - 2 of 22 Posts
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