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alarm problem

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I've bought my EOS 1.4 TSI 160hp this week.
It's really a nice car. I just had issues with the original alarm 2 times.
The car is parked in front of my apartment. The alarm begins to beep some time after I park it. When I open and close the doors from the remote controller, it stops beeping. After some time it starts to beep again.
This repeats 3 times.
After the 3rd occurance it does not beep again.

This happened 2 times in 5 days. So it does not happen always.

Does anyone have any ideas why the alarm starts beeping ? (it is not kids playing in the garden or any nosiy motorcycles, I am sure)

My wife says that the alarm does this beeping if I leave it on the 1st gear instead of neutral, but I am not sure.

Any ideas ?
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I had a simliar problem. Have a look at In my case the dealer reset the alarm to its lowest sensitivity level.
That was over a year ago and it was fine for a whole year, though funnliy enough it has gone off a couple of times in the past two months.
My false alarms were intermittent, it could go a 2-3 days without it happening. And of course the dealer couldn't make it do it in the workshop but they reduced the sensitivity anyway.
I did find that it never false alarmed if I disabled the internal sensors by pressing the little button that's towards the back of the drivers door (open the door first, then press the button and the button will change colour). Of course you have to remember to do that every time you get out before you lock it.
I haven't had the other alarm mod done that some others mentioned in that previous thread.
1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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