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Amazing Day Trip

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Well, Saturday was simply too nice a day to ignore and we-- that's my wife and I-- packed up and went for an Eos Driving Adventure (EDA). After a brief drive around the Vancouver area, we decided to cross the border and go check out our southern neighbors.

Although we went a lot further than this map shows, this stretch of road was BUILT for the top-down Eos: MAP

I have to say, that the curved road with the mountains on one side and the beautiful water on the other was truly spectacular. At some points the water was at the bottom of a "cliff" and the road was driving right on the edge. It was amazing.

So, I'm sure that everyone will like to hear about the car. It handled the roads beautifully! Some of the corners were almost "U" turns, and posted "suggested" limit was 15 m/h. The automatic DSG was superb in how it predicted what I was going to do, the next gear I needed always seemed to be ready for me and there never was any lag during the shifts. Smooth was definitely the best word for the automatic.

I ended up having to turn around and drive the road again, it was just a required event. This gave me the chance to try out the "sport" and "manual" modes for the DSG on the same road. My loving and tollerant wife still believes my cover story for the instant-replay: "I wanted to check out what restaurants were in the area so I could take you to the nicest one!" Although it cost a few bucks having lunch in a fancy place with an amazing view, it was well worth the bucks. (side note: the food was really excellent)

I flipped into Sport for the second attempt at the road and the car totally changed personalities. Luxury was partially left behind as the car took on a more aggressive persona. Several times my wife had to remind me that we were on a really narrow winding road in a park, and perhaps I should put things back into "luxury mode".

After our meal, I was able to drive the stretch in manual mode with the "paddle shifters". It is hard to believe that a car can have three completely different feels to how it drives. The manual mode really got me to feel like I was part of the car keeping me alert and entertained. It was all I could do not to turn around and go back again.

After this, we went back to the I-5 and headed back towards the border and into Canada (home).

Had two people ask me about the car during our refueling stop. They were really impressed with the look of the car, and had (of course) never heard of a VW Eos.

Well, that was part of my Saturday! Hope you all enjoy... If you get a chance to drive this stretch of road, make sure it is a top-down day... I am confident that you won't be disappointed.
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The minute we leave the dealers we are off to the lake district which is a beautiful area full of similar terrain to your drive out, cant wait now !!! Thanks
I am confident that you will be totally amazed with the car.

We sat for about 45 minutes at the border in "mostly stopped" traffic even though we have the frequent crossing pass. With my other cars, I'd be going out of my mind after the 10 minute point, however, in the Eos-- with roof down-- I just didn't care. Didn't even realize that it was that long in the line until afterwards. Basking in the sun with the stereo on "shake", enjoying the glances and "nice car" comments...


Enjoy your new car and the trip you'll be taking with it. I'll be hoping you have sun...

(I love driving with the top up too, but...:D )

EDIT: don't forget about the break-in period for the engine, brakes, and tires! :) I know it would be really easy to forget that, especially if I'd been driving this route on my way home from the dealership!
I am however, really looking forward to one of my favourite drives, and that is to Montana, driving the "Going to the Sun" road through Glacier National Park.
I used to visit Big Sky Montana alot when I lived in Sask and Alberta, so I know how beautiful the areas are-- although I was always there for skiing in the winter. That park is spectacular, no question about it.

My issue right now is trying to decide what trip to take this summer. I'm thinking of trying a cross-Canada trip, as there are places I've never seen before... But, taking the west coast down south is also pulling at my adventure strings.

I think the scenery would be amazing in both cases, the roads would also be fun.
Another EDA

Well, we did it again! On a recent long weekend, we packed up and went on another EDA (Eos Driving Adventure) that was great fun. This time, however, we found a hotel that let us bring our dogs and my wife insisted that they join us.


Side Story:

Walmart sells some really great things. They also sell some not-so-great things. Everyone knows this, but because their prices are usually excellent, we continue to buy things with the "hope" that we get one of the "good" ones. What we got looks very similar to the one found HERE.

Two problems: First, it needs to wrap around the headrests in order to hang down from the front and also from the back. We can't wrap anything around the headrest in the back because that's where the roll-over protection resides. Second, the plastic clips that it uses to secure to the headrests were junk. I'm talking brittle useless junk.

But, we were ready to go and I had to McGuyver the hammock in order to make it work. :)

End of Side Story


We started the morning of our departure with a power failure at the house, and while we managed to get ourselves ready in the dark, it took me a while to figure out how to "unlock" the garage door and get the car out. (we now have flashlights hidden all over the house)

A trip from Vancouver, BC to Penticton and Kelowna (also in BC) was just what the doctor ordered. While the trip was great and I highly recommend that anyone going on an EDA with their spouse purchase a Garmin Nuvi 660 GPS map thingy-- that's another story-- we got there using main highways and toll roads. It was great fun and top down weather most of the way. A guy in his new BMW convertible ghosted us all the way.

We ended up hating the hotel. Spent one night there and it was horrible. We could hear every sound from ANY room within 200 feet-- being a long weekend, the place was full. We were witnesses to a massive argument between a younger couple-- apparently one was drunk and was really upsetting the other.

We left the following morning to take a tour of some of the local wineries. Most were really happy to accommodate our dogs, as we don't like leaving them in the car (especially in the high-heat). Most had water bowls, and rooms to put them in. Some even had staff willing to play with them while we looked around.

In retrospect, more as a warning to those who follow us in this type of adventure, it is easy to get "free taste-test happy" at the wineries. <sigh> Drive responsibly. Although my wife enjoyed the samples, I really tried to minimize mine due to my "official chauffeur" status. Although she threatened that she would, my wife never actually bought me a chauffeur uniform, so, thankfully, there was no special "driver" hat to blow off in the wind. I'm sure I had more tastes than I should, but much less than I could-- if that makes sense. :)

So, we started back towards home. I'd had enough of the "100 lane highway" and wanted something more. I fiddled with the GPS gadget and managed to find a way to skip "major" roads. I also was able to force it to "detour" the planned route through some small towns on the way back.

Narrow roads that snaked around and up hills or mountains. We drove along side of a fairly active river with the water almost at the road level. All the while flipping between paddle-shifting manual mode, sport and regular drive.

It was a great drive and we met some very cool people in the small towns along the way. I have to recommend that anyone taking trips like this try and plan something that takes the "back roads" and visits the smaller towns. What a treat!

When we finally got home, we gave the beast a bath (the car, not the dogs) since every bug between Vancouver and Kelowna seemed insistent on being apart of our trip.

I think this weekend is going to be a good weekend to clay-bar the car, and do a full rotary buffing, polishing, and waxing. I'll try and put up some before and after shots.

Sorry to have droned on and on, but it is so easy to talk about the Eos. :)

Safe and happy adventures to everyone!

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