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American Customer SAtisfaction Index

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Each year the University of Michigan puts out a comprehensive survey of how satisfied car owners are .... following is a link to the statistical summary:

There are a few noteworthy things:
1.) the "luxury" cars all seem to achieve higher ratings
2.) the Japanese car makers still rank significantly higher than AMerican makers
2.) Toyota corporation has seen a marked deterioration in their score, leaving an opportunity for American car makers to catch up
3.) VW, while showing some improvement in the last year, still struggles in the bottom half of the survey.
Thought you all might be interested!
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The UK built Toyotas are very good for build quality and reliability still and I'm not sure how they compare to the US versions. I would say the number 1 for these attributes, however they don't feature in this list???

For U.S., this might help:
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