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playing the eos waiting game, im always on the look out for the lil beaut, but to my amazement i spotted three this morning all within half a mile. a black one parked up off of wooldale rd, and 2 yes 2, 1 silver n 1 black dropping kids off at ccs. i did drowl over each one, but 3!!!!!
so i wonder how many more will turn up on this side of northampton before mine arrives.
seems from reading through all the sightings this is unusual, its like an eos convention here at school time, maybe when i get mine we could start up our own eos cruise to town lol.
there you go gavster another idea for one of your polls, which county has the largest and least eos presence, i could be up for moving lmao!!!

soz think i have posted this in wrong section ....... DUH!!
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