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Another EOS owner joins the club

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What an amazing car. Yeah, it's mid-life for me. Early forties. We bought a used Saab 9-3 convertible about 8 months ago... and all I got was guff from family members about the kids in the back of a vert. So, now, we hear nothing.

While the Saab is seven years old, I must confess that the EOS is much more of a car. So quiet and solid. I'm also getting around 33mpg (I drive very carefully) with the 2.0t manual.




Update<< By the way. We have 2,000 miles on our new 2008 white base model EOS. Cheaper and less to go wrong.
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Hi Wade,
Had my mid-life 40 something too, another BMW 4dr sedan, or hardtop convertible. Chose the Convertible! Am very pleased with the fun factor! German engineering still, and practical in Hawaii!

2008 White Komfort, DSG, I-pod, Lemans wheels, with wheat beige interior

1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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