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Another Eos

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Was really excited yesterday when we went to one of the shopping areas around York. Pulled into the car park and was directly behind another Eos! Silver and probably owned by someone called Lynn. Its the nearest ive been to another Eos except in a showroom! Anybody on here?

Regards Trish
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Followed by a silver one in Windsor on Tues, saw another silver one by Tummies in Burnham last week, saw a brief view of a black one at Sainsbury's in London Colney on Sat, another distant sighting of a black one on the A4 near Junction 12 with the M4 last night and finally a light blue one on the M4 about 21:30 who must have been very late because it went past me with quite a speed difference and I wasn't going slowly !

However, I did get to see a red one where the driver was very friendly. It was driven by the guy who fitted my bluetooth kit last week.

If any of these sightings were you, please let me know.
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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