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Another White EOS

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great pics, in which town do live ?

greets from germany
Hi, I'm from Singapore.

The above is my CO (Wifey)'s ride nicknamed BlackHera (yeah-yeah, its obviously not white. My ride was BlackZeus (Subaru), which I recently sold and still looking ard, so for the time being fooling ard wif her ride.

The Family ride is BlackShogun (compact MPV), for those school runs.

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NO WAY!!! Right, I'm gonna trade in! :D

Wahh......cost a bomb!

Over in Singapore. Once the car roll out of the showroom easily lose 15k or more.

Eg. Last weekend I was called up by my dealer for a great deal July 2008 Volvo S80 2.5T (Full spec model) for sale @ S$96k which is less than a year old. Brand new standard spec model is still on sale @ S$148k. Thats 52k cheaper! Very very tempting.

Welcome and thought I saw the ERP staff at the windscreen...:p

Thought I saw your ride couples of week back on a saturday on ERP exiting Rochor...... Fierce ride and one of it's kind in Singapore!

FYI r u on VAGSG forum, there might be a GTG. Cheers!

Yeah, in town to pickup CO. She dun drive to work.

Total project not completed yet.

If you asking abt "dressing up" only i.e.
Bodykit+respray+Windows tinting+Rims+Tires+Exos = abt 7k USD

1 - 5 of 14 Posts
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