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Anyone getting an EOS individual

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I am picking up my EOS individual on the 1st of September and counting down the days. Anyone else on here picking one up ?
I am swapping out my MK IV R32
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I wanted a Black EOS with Red leather. Six weeks ago I went for a test drive of a 2.0T FSi. They could not easily get one for me by September because of the waiting list and asked me if I was interested in the individual. They had two and one was already sold. Subsequently they would have sold my one many times over. The spec was what I wanted but did not have SAT NAV. Not a big deal as I have a Tom Tom 910 for the Wife. The individuals are limited to 500 and to put things into perspective. When I ordered my R32 (MK IV) I managed to get the last out of 8 and now with the EOS individual I managed to get the last one from the dealer. I was also pleased to hear that the individual team also do the styling for the R models so I should be right at home there.
Oh well I have the registration number and the car is being PDI'd for the 1st of September.

Interesting as we are not ready to order until Oct, the dealer is happy that the car will still be available and also quote a run of 1500 units. Questions need to be asked.

You should be OK as a defined number of cars were allocated to each dealer. Are you intent on getting one ?
I will post some pictures when I finally get the car in just over a week.

We intend to order an Individual in Oct for an 08 delivery. The Individual looks fantastic in black with the two tone nappa leather. And as a bonus the car specced the way we wont it, is cheaper that the sport specced to the same degree.

First post for me after finding the forum yesterday.
I am also picking up an individual on September 1st - 10.30am - or just 180hours away!!
I understood the run was limited to 500 UK models. The VW website is stating the car is only available from stock, and not to order.
Hi Jimmy,

Unless as in Kevin's case, the dealer has pre-ordered the car this will be correct however, dealers that haven't pre-ordered the car can spec as desired. The options available are in the standard price list. I have been to the dealer and specced the car the way we would want it, and this was no problem.

Anyway, that aside. Welcome to the site and enjoy the new car, not forgetting to post pics.

Hi Don,

I'm sure you are right. However, when the individual was announced my local dealer knew nothing. I persuaded the people at VW UK to send me all they had on the car (Can't work out how to attach a copy - the file is too big)

This sugests that the model will only be produced for a few weeks (27 to 37) (However it also suggests full electric seats, which was wrong). I think week 37 is very close - so if someone is intent on a version they need to move quickly.
Since reading this thread I have been on the VW site and noticed that it states that the Individual is not available as a factory option. Unless I can spec the way I want, this isn’t the car for me after all. That said, I have been offered a £1800 discount on a Sports model. I may consider taking off the leather option and using the money saved to get a custom leather interior similar to the Individual.

I expect that most will be shipped in September. Only seen one second hand one for £30K with 5K mileage.
My dealer has 3 EOS's going out over the next week and I am the only individual. Picking it up soon and will post pictures when I get time.

hi Kevin,

I wonder if it is a typing error or something, 5k in one month is some going. I can't see him getting over list unless he is very lucky.

The Plot Thickens


Had a courtesy call from the dealer last night to see if we are still in the market for an Individual. The wife took the call and explained that we won’t be in a position to place an order until early Oct. and also questioned the option to spec an Individual to our needs. The sales person said that not only will they still be taking orders in Oct. for the car but confirmed 100% that we can spec to our choice.

I hope that this turns out to be true my only concern is whether or not VW are changing the colours used for the interior on the 08 models.

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