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Anyone have an estimate?

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Someone rear ended me and ive looked into the estimates to repair the bumper and minor frame damage. Only issue is that i cant find an estimate on how much it'll be to repaint a rear bumper especially since i can't find the price of the paint color (Paprika Red) Does anyone have an estimate to repaint a rear bumper? (with any color or the original red preferably)
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Since the work has to be done professionally and a photo cannot show possible hidden damage, only a paint shop looking at your car will give you an estimate for parts and labor. If it's rear end damage, isn't that covered by an insurance claim on the other driver? I hope the roof and trunk system hinges haven't been distorted or damaged, because fixing that will be more than a paint shop will handle.
They often have to fine tune the paint color to match faded paint and red paint is often the worst color for fade.
1 - 2 of 4 Posts