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Below is a summary of dialogue I had with the call center than manages the scheduling of appointments for the dealerships owned by Brown's Volkswagen (I didn't know to press #2 and opt out of the call center to get my dealership specifically)

ME: Hello, I'd like to schedule an appointment for oil change.
Rep: What year and model do you have?
ME: 2008 Eos
Rep: And which engine
ME: 2.0T
Rep: Let me see what I have on our list.
ME: Ok.
Rep: 2.0T?
ME: Yes.
Rep: Is it a Jetta?
ME: No, it's an Eos.
Rep: Is it a Golf?
ME: No, it's an Eos.
Rep: I'm not showing Eos on our list.
ME: E - O - S
Rep: I'm sorry sir. Are you sure what you have is a Volkswagen?


It was kind of a funny way to end a long day. I ended up talking to the Service Manager at my dealership who was very apologetic and gave me the direct line to schedule service at the dealership without going to the call center. I imagine that call was "recorded for quality and training purposes" and I certainly hope it gets reviewed.

In general I like the "What kind of car is that?" comments I get from folks that aren't familiar with the Eos and it adds to its exclusivity; I just wasn't expecting it from a VW rep ?!?:p

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Arf Arf! They sure are stupid :rolleyes:
As you say though quite amusing and adds to the exclusivity
Cheer, David

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My Dealer's service department is just a scary! Didin't know what the car was, EOS, and even scarier is that there are only to dealers in my town to work on my car! My license plates are custom and say" MY-EOS". Guess I waisted my money. Hee Hee.


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I reckon that person is related to the receptionist at my local dealer bless her, she was horrified and couldn't understand how I had a leak in the roof.
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