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Arrgggh, stoopid garage...

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Took car in for a service yesterday, to get told it didn't need one and the reminder had been incorrectly set. But, as it was booked in they ran through all the little niggles I had with it - small leak on driver side, rattle, parking sensors.
When i went to collect it, they said they'd sorted the rattle - absolute tripe, sorted out the seals on the door, re-alinged the windows and applied kryotox to all the seals in the car - bargain seeing they did it for nothing.

Go to car this morning, and there's a beautiful collection of water running along the inside of both doors on the bit where you rest your arm, and drips from the seal.

Begining to wish I'd not told them!
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Hmmmm, that's not so good... Sorry to hear about your woes.....

If it rains heavily, the water can settle on the seal above the door... When you open the car and the window goes down slightly, water can drip through then. It is very unlikely to ingress when the car is locked up (unless window is ajar or mal adjusted.....

I see.... They probably didn't read the tech bulletin about how to do the seals properly! Although, the bulletin says do it with a latex glove (which I think is not very good)... Doing seals with microfibre cloth is much better...

Still dont understand why it would leak.... uless the window is not adjusted correctly... It does sit quite tight in the seal when adjusted correctly...

Good luck!
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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