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Whoo hoo! First post in the SE US forum!

Live between Atlanta and Athens, GA. Only saw another black Eos in my town and a grey Eos in Atlanta. Pretty rare round these parts...
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Atlnta here too... actually Sandy Springs. Saw a Thunder Blue on the road in Marietta/Smyrna. I am getting a Thunder Blue one too. At the dealer a black one was just sold as well.
I live near you guys up here in Jasper, Georgia.

It appears that I will be in my white EOS within a week. I've been holding out for a straight shift. The "manual" shifter on the Triptonic is like riding with training wheels, IMHO.

I love my 6sp manual. Wife hates is because she can't chat on the phone, eat, read, sleep, etc... while trying to drive...:D She never learned and we have been trying to have practice in a neighborhood that is under construction, but her patience is short lived. BTW, we found out that you can spin the wheels in 1st, 2nd, and 3rd gears...:rolleyes:

I couldn't imagine having the car any way else.

Enjoy it!
congrats... don't bash on the DSG. It is great if you aren't into shifting manually all the time. Manual is great if that is what you want... just not for me.
I must admit I have been very tempted by the DSG.

I am test-driving a manual tomorrow at Gossett in Alpharetta.

I hear that is the best dealer now... My in-laws bought their past 3 cars from that owner (different makes).
I looked at them... but Jim Elis in Marietta had the best deal for me
What's funny is I hate the Athens dealer, and the Jim Ellis had the exact same trim I ended up getting, but they wanted nearly $3000 more! So I had to buy from Athens. Who cares I guess... when the deal is right...
I was very firm on what I wanted and what I would pay and they knew it would be a firm sale if they did what I wanted.
I opted for every option except the DSG. It is fun but I still prefer a manual
How do you like the Thunder Blue... I have seen pictures where it looks really blue and others where it looks almost black. Mine is due to arrive next week.
I like it a lot. It is very dark. Depends on the light. I have a few low quality pics posted that a friend took of my car. Here is the thread.
It looks good... it appears to be a hard color to find and photograph
Seeing Red in the ATL

Hi Folks!

I leased my Paprika Red with Black interior model from Heritage Volkswagon in Lithia Springs. So far it's the only one of that color I've seen in Atlanta.

Since all the cars I've possessed have been named after characters from The Fellowship of the Ring, I couldn't be happier with this one. Add a few characters, and Eos becomes Legolas.

A special shout out goes to the pretty blond who honked at me from your Candy White beauty on Peachtree Road last week near Lenox Square!!

Lenox is where I saw my first Eos. Saw a grey one near the Jos A Banks. Bought mine a month later!
Might of seen Legolas today... where you in Sandy Springs around 6:00 driving up Abernathy Rd?
not today.... I was on peachtree for a conference at the doubletree hotel monday... was all alone... no other eos's
you named your legolas too... anyway, yours isn't red... the one I saw was red.
you named your legolas too... anyway, yours isn't red... the one I saw was red.

:eek: oops. excuse me, I thought you were directing your comment to me... I thought you were talking about your own car.. it is another member who named their car legolas... I got it... apologies.
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