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Attaching the rear license plate

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I replaced the license plate holder with a nice clean design high gloss stainless frame, which goes great with the car's silver colour and replaces the advertising plastic plate holder which was installed by the dealer when the plates were first put on the car. When I removed the old plastic plate holder I discovered that the dealer had simply installed the plate and holder with metal type self taping screws right into the plastic bumper - there appeared to be no special mountings or clips. Is this standard procedure? - just screw right into the bumper? The concern is if it is done this way a few times the hole left by the screw will simply have nothing left to hold the screw. :confused:
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Mine has the same. The front plate has a bracket but the rear one bolts directly to the bumper. I agree it's a bad design. Been thinking about checking with an auto part store to see if one of their aftermarket brackets could be made to work or using some type of captive insert.
Does Arizona (I believe that's where you are) require a front license plate? If so you should have been supplied some type of mounting for one and it should have been free. If you aren't required to have one and you still want the mounting, your dealer should be able to order it. There is always NAPA and there should be some chain store like Auto Zone, Advance Auto, or something similar out there.
1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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