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Aux in Sockets

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According to the manual there is an aux in for audio and video on the nav unit
any idea where?
would have prefered ipod connection in armrest but car came with cd changer, is it under that?
plus does the ipod play video on the display?
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manual states there is an aux in and in the settings on the nav unit you can select aux in audio or both audio and vid so reckon there is such a port on the back or somewhere in the car, if it was easy to pop out i may give it a look as am engineeer
if you set aux in to audio and vid then screen goes blank waiting for a signal so input must be there!
plus manual states you can connect a dvd player to it so an ipod vid would be ideal
further investigation required i think :D
quick bit of research and think this is whats needed as input is component
1 - 4 of 6 Posts
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