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Bi-Xenon after delivery ???

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Hi Folks,

This is my first time posting. Got mine about two weeks ago. Loved the machine. I know it is also annoying to call her a machine, feel like she is my new wife :)

Any way, two questions now,

1) Is there a way to order and get installed a Bi-Xenon kit after delivery ?

2) Any suggestions for a DynoAudio or an alternative since I plan to upgrade the sound system in a short time.

Cheers :) ,

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Hi BooRocks,

I have just seen that you are in Istanbul. I work in Istanbul quite often in the Unilever building in Bostanci (one of the two tall buildings). Do you know it?

Regarding the upgrade to Dynaudio, I would also suggest that it is a no-no.

I had my Sat Nav unit replaced due to a slight current leakage draining the battery.
Part of the Dynaudio set-up in the EOS is the DSP in the head unit. The software controlling all this is configured automatically by the system (if you can call it that). I know this because when I had the Sat Nav unit replaced, the Dynaudio Sound literal that appears on the VW splash screen disappeared on the new unit.

To get the head unit to detect the Dynaudio install, the car battery was disconnected for 30 minutes. When reconnected, the system automatically detected and installed the relevant software for the Dynaudio system. The Dynaudio Sound literal reappeared.

So I would suggest that there is more to the Dynaudio system than meets the eye.


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Our head unit does not say Dynaudio when we first switch it on (or at least I don't think it does) Is this correct?

Hi Gavin,

Maybe it's because I have the DVD Sat Nav that the Dynaudio Sound appears when I switch on.

The saga I had when the SAT Nav system was supposed to be faulty was that my Dynaudio Sound dissappeared. To make it reappear, the battery had to be disconnected from the vehicle for an hour or so. When the battery was reconnected, the equipment in the car announces itself much like devices in Windows (for the IT literate) and the relevant drivers are installed. Or at least thats what I understand.

I know from my own experience that the sound quality suffered when I lost the Dynaudio Sound. Thankfully it's back!

Problem is, I don't know what should appear on the standard head unit.

Anyone else with Dynaudio and NO Sat Nav system who can help our friend?


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Never heard of this ruling before, does make sense however as any time we have had Xenon lights the car has had the washers, do you know the reason behind this?

I agree with Gavin, almost!
The EU legislation for Xenons fitted 'as original equipment' , states that they must have both headlamp washers AND be self leveling without driver intervention. So, that possibly leaves a loophole in the law for aftermarket equipment to be fitted without washers.

If you want to see the self leveling in action, find someone with an EOS with Xenons fitted, get them to reverse when it's dark and you will see the merry dance that the headlights do when going from reverse into forward motion.


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