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Bi-Xenon after delivery ???

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Hi Folks,

This is my first time posting. Got mine about two weeks ago. Loved the machine. I know it is also annoying to call her a machine, feel like she is my new wife :)

Any way, two questions now,

1) Is there a way to order and get installed a Bi-Xenon kit after delivery ?

2) Any suggestions for a DynoAudio or an alternative since I plan to upgrade the sound system in a short time.

Cheers :) ,

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Thx for your valuable info on Xenon upgrade. I guess it is not feasible to harm the vehicle for this type of an upgrade. 'cause it is out of warranty rules, and as you said it needs some very strange adjustments like "bending". I am looking forward to see if VW will have a solution for this upgrade. Asked the dealer, waiting for a response..

I understand that regarding the DynaAudio same thing happens, not feasible due to its complexity. So like Geedee recommends, going for a better bulb could do some progress for Xenons, changing the speakers (not the head unit) with a quality brand may be an answer I hope. I like to feel some fidelity in the car.

Hi Hornet, I know that place well, I am driving near those twin buildings sometimes. So drop me a message while you are in town, so I can pick you up and have some time together. :)

1 - 2 of 16 Posts
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