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Black and Sexy

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wow that looks great, mine is island grey hopefully it looks that nice :D

Steph xx
Island Grey looks great, I love it, but I don't think we could ever get the depth of shine you can get with a black.

JJB's looks fantastic. I wonder how many hours he polishes to get it that good.

But I still wouldn't have black - just too much hard work to keep it looking good.

Island Grey is the lazy mans (sorry persons) black.
ha ha Jim nice to see the correction!!

The reason i went for island grey is because black shows more dirt, did you get life shine on yours?

hopefully mine wont take too much polishing! he's still sat outside which im not chuffed about :(

Steph xx
Black also shows scratch/swirl marks badly if it's not cleaned properly. My baby sits outside as well. So far she's coped with +40C to -10C & still looks new..

I had the supagard done on mine. So I just wash & wipe - no polishing.

Funny mine's a girl, while your's a boy. How sexist are we both.:D Mind you I do cherish her so I glad she's a girl:)
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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