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I have a UK 2007 EOS with a Blaupunkt MFD2 RNS DVD. You cannot enter full UK postcodes and, frankly, the system is very poor, fiddly to use and poor out in
the wilds of the UK country side. My neighbour's TOM TOM gives better performance. Post-Oct 2007 I gather that VW has replaced their SATNAV with a Touch Screen system.

My dealer upgraded my DVD to the TeleAtlas 2008 version, which is marginally better than the 2007 version but the problem of postcodes remains. I hear rumour that TeleAtlas are bringing out new software to overcome the postcode problem. I would be interested to hear other's views on the built in VW satnav systems and any news of upgrades. For the money, I regret the MFD 2 seems very poor value indeed.
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