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Bluefin Remap

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Has anybody bought a Superchips Bluefin for their EOS or had any previous experience of Bluefin, perhaps on another vehicle?

Many thanks,
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Hi Hornet9,

I had REVO on my SEAT Leon Cupra R which was done at Stealth. Once done, the car was dynoe'd at 271bhp and 322 torques.

I felt that the power delivery was way to full on with uncontrollable amounts of power. It is for this reason that I am considering Bluefin.

Having spoken to Superchips, I can confirm that we would get a discount for more than one person purchasing. If anyone is interested, let me know.
Well I only dealt with one person, I think he was the boss. Seemed very knowledgable indeed.
My personal opinion is that gears 4, 5 and 6 are a bit lacking in performance.

One thing to remember is that just because you will have more power off of the line, you don't always have to use it. In my experience, you soon get used to the amount of power and how much pedal to use.
Hi Guys,

The main reasons that I didn't buy the 3.2:

1) I wanted Manual.
2) The lower road tax bracket (goodness only knows how much this government will put up the higher bracket price to).
3) The 3.2 lump is heavier and apparently this effects the turn-in.
4) With all of my extras, including the red nappa (some of my extras but not all are standard on the 3.2) the price would have been around £30k.

Anyway, I am still looking for members to join me in the group purchase of the Bluefin.

Any further takers?
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Wait til I get my new EOS and then I'll organise it.

Cheers guys
1 - 6 of 19 Posts
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