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Bluetooth adapter kit - Beware!!

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I just took delivery of my 2009 Eos about 2 weeks ago. (Massachusetts, USA) I have a Komfort with the standard radio. I read about the bluetooth kit's availability on the forums, so I had the dealer install it in the car. It cost $460.

I'm not very happy with it-- it turns out that the kit only lets the phone synch up with radio. For $460, I was expecting a hands free button of some sort, but there isn't one, because the Komfort doesn't have any buttons on the steering wheel.

When the phone rings, the radio goes mute and displays "phone active". I then have to dig my phone out of my pocket, and hit answer. Once I do that I have hands free talking. The call sounds fine on the stereo, and the little mike by the map light buttons works well, and is even OK with the top down.

I'm just disappointed that there was no hands free button of any sort-- I've never seen that on any other bluetooth integration in a car. The booklet for the kit seems to assume that the kit is going in a Lux and not a Komfort-- as it shows the use of the Bluetooth with the buttons on the wheel.

All in all, I don't think it was worth $460.... I'd be better off spending that money on a new iPhone!

Finally, the details of the kit were a surprise to the sales staff-- they all assumed it worked like I did. None of us could figure out how to answer a call using the radio controls-- it took the mechanic who installed it to explain the limitations....

Just be aware of the limitation is you are considering this option. I'm sure it is splendid on a Lux.......
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It's a UK brand but I have no idea on its availability Stateside.

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