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Like a few owners have reported over the years, the boot lid would pop up but relock after a few seconds, regardless if the button or key fob were used, which is a bit of pain.

Whilst at TPS I picked up a couple of buffers, s1qo827499b, £8 for two and fitted them. My old ones, see pic_1 had been glued / bodged at some point so they were beyond repair.


The buffers are sold in the closed position, i.e. the top part is held in the down / closed position see pic_2 which shows one in the closed and one in the open position.

To open, unscrew the clamping screw using 3mm hex. Push in the top part with your thumb and turn ¼ until the top part pops up. Mine where a bit stiff but gave in the end.

There is no need for tools/ pliers for this as they are a bit fragile. Be using your thumb you can feel it align up and turn so you don’t apply to much pressure

To remove the old ones just pop out the two plastic clips closest to the adjusters that holds the boot liner in place / lift up line to get access and prise out the old adjusters.

Pull the new adjuster head out about 1.5 -2 cm and fit into car, still in the open position with the screw loose.

Slowly and gently close the boot lid. You will hear the adjusts clicking into the correction position. Open the boot again and screw in the camping screw. The service manual states the screw head should be in 20 + 5mm from the top of the adjuster

Place thumb onto the top of the adjuster and turn the top part of the adjuster ¼ turn again and re-check. Again, fingers are best as you can feels when you have the right amount of pressure.

It took a 2 or 3 goes to get this right as I needed the adjuster out a little more on one side / slight manual adjustment.

About 30 / 40 mins and basic tools and cost less than £10 to do. Boot seems to pop open and not relock.


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