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Boot locked so garage cant access to fix roof problem -Help!

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Hello all
Malfunction on the side flaps, one has come off the bracket, took it to a garage and they can get at the job because the boot is locked due to safety mode on as roof showing open.
They have tried their software to override but no joy.
Any ideas?

Thank you
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Have you tried searching here first? There's plenty but it needs time, patience and a fish pole or long thin steel ruler. Then the cause of the original fault has to be found to stop it happening again. Sounds like the side flaps got crunched? Side flaps have to work correctly and open for the roof to function, otherwise it will crash into them and they will break. That's why the roof op. is locked out. The roof locks will now be open and the trunk locks closed becaue the operation aborted mid cycle. This can leave the roof parts in an unsafe situation to drive. Was that a genuine V.W dealer? I wouldn't expect a regular garage to know much.
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