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Boot wont shut!

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Hi All,
coming home from the office today (roof up) my dash display was showing the boot/trunk lid was open. Stopped to check and sure enough, it wouldn't close, that little whirring noise wasn't happening where it pulls the lid tight.So the lid is permanently open only its weight keeps it down
Does anyone come across this and know what the problem maybe?
Can't see anything causing an obstruction so looks like a trip to the dealer.

Cheers, David
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I've had the same issue recently (and also when I try and open the Boot from the key fob, it closes more or less straight away) and guess what, my warranty expired two weeks ago and Gilbert Lawson (Manchester) want to charge me £50 just to look at it! A friend of mine has spent nearly 1 hour on the phone asking them for goodwill but they completely refuse point blank - even got on to the General Manager (Graham Fletcher), so I am no longer going to that garage for my servicing / repairs. I was always on the understanding that VW Customer Service was second to none :mad:
I think a lot of dealers would maybe say the same, once the car's out of warranty they can't claim their costs back from VW central in MK for any work they do. :( Often, it's best talking to Milton Keynes directly for something just out of warranty.
A guy at work has a family member working at another dealership, so I would rather give them the money than Manchester even if it is out of my way. A female scorned and all that :D
The trouble is, the warranty is 3 years, not 3 years and 2 weeks. :( Still, best of luck. :)
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