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Brand New EOS maybe for sale...

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Hi all,

Our replacement EOS has arrived but we may choose to sell it and get a Tiguan instead (The dealer ordered us both cars and we have the choice of either):

The Spec is as follows:

2.0 T-FSi,
Deep Black Pearl,
Red Nappa Leather,
18 inch Chicago Alloys,
Dynaudio Sound System,
Standard Headlamps,
Luxury Pack,
Winter Pack,
Multi Function Steering Wheel,
Cruise Control (factory fitted),
Dual Zone Electronic Climate Control.

The price is going to be around £28,500 but there may be a discount.

If any forum members or guests are looking to buy, this car is brand new and potentially available now (imho better to wait until March 1st to get it on a 08 plate).

It's all down to us test driving the Tiguan in a week or two and then making a decision on what we want to do.#

Please get in touch with me if you are interested.

Many thanks,
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How big is the puppy going to get? What kind of dog is it? You know that dogs absolutely love riding in the back of utes with the wind in their hair. I am sure that you dog would be beside him/her self with ectasy riding in the back of the Eos with the roof down. He / she would be one of the "coolest" dogs in the UK:cool: (Maybe put hubby in the back and puppy in the front LOL):D
Post Puppy Photo Please!

Lisywisyloo, please do post a photo of your puppy, preferrably sitting in the Eos. Your puppy would much prefer to be cruising around in an Eos topless rather than in a Tiguan. In fact your puppy would be thrilled to bits going for nice drives in the Eos. :D (I am sure that whilst hubby is not an Eos fan, he must have some redeeming features!) :eek:
1 - 2 of 21 Posts
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