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brand new to forum and to the EOS

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hi all. just wanted to say that i think that this site is a great idea. I have just purchased an Thunder Blue EOS 2 weeks ago. I always wanted a hard top convertable! I noticed a few things that i was really curious about already being discussed on here. I look forward to chatting with you all. I will try and figure out the picture thing soon!
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Cheers from Canada and welcome to the forum. Think you will find the other members extremely helpful and friendly. are going to love your Eos.
Welcome to the club. I see from our news coverage that I suppose you will be keeping the top up just now to keep the dust out. Hopefully you will get some rain to dampen it down and allow you some EDAs.

hi shewolf1
good to have you on board
Thanks all, and yes, no top down for me if it is after 6am!! 108 degrees F is too hot in the afternoon and the dust storms in the evening are not condusive of an enjoyable experience either. getting up earlier to go to work just so i can have the top down is a bit of a motivator until September or October rolls our way :)
Welcome to the site. 108, wow, I am glad I live where I do.
Hey, tell you what you can have some of our rain and I'll live with 108F for a bit!!!!

Welcome to the wonderful world of Eos!!

1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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