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Bye bye Westwoods, hello Samarkands!!

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I always did like the Samarkands but they wern't an option when I ordered mine. Chicago's are far too common so I went for Westwoods but really I wanted 18". Now the Samarkand are available on UK 09 models as an option I took the plunge and ordered a set (don't ask how much!).

I reckon they must be the only set on a UK car!! Plus as my car came with 17" wheel originally, its 15mm lower from factory, but now has 18" on. Therefore it doesn't look like a convertible Toureg as factory 18" wheeled models do.

What do you guys think?
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Great Look!
Look just like my 17" Lemans except in 18" format! Gives the car a clean powerful stance! I hate busy wheels.
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