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Calling all EOS drivers with XENONS

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Just to make sure that I am not going mad, I would like to run my Xenon lights problem by you and perhaps you could tell me if your car is different.

When driving, the light beams go right down low so that you cannot see more than about 20 - 25 yards in front of the car.

When I look straight ahead I cannot see anything whatsoever as the road is not lit up beyond the initial yards as I mention above.

The sales guy took the car out last night and his words were 's**t, if there was a cyclist, I would have killed him before I even saw him'.
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My Xenons are fantastic - they are possibly a little high on low beam as I also get flashed occassionally however it is usually as you are coming over a rise in the road and the other driver is below the "normal" height. When I drive my wife's Golf V - which I thought had terrific lights - I now have to check to see that they are on!! Would suggest you get yours checked - maybe the auto levelling function is not working correctly. I especially like the slow turn side lights. Good Luck
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