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Can DRL be disabled by using VAG-COM ?

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I tried to deploy Xenon HID in my USA 07 EOS Low Beams but the DRL feature that has the Low Beams on all the time but at a lower voltage in DRL mode caused me problems. :( The DRL voltage was a little low for the ballasts to maintain the 85V that is required for stable Xenon arc without flicker once the Xenon arc is started using 2000V. It also was looking like getting reliable arc start at colder temperatures was going to be a problem in DRL mode, too. I had at least 1 morning where the ballast was not able to start the arc in DRL mode but would start the arc in headlight mode.:(

I was also getting annoying Xenon bulb flicker in DRL mode - would clear at once if I changed to headlights on and the ballasts got full voltage. So for now I have switched back to SilverStar low beam bulbs.

Is there a way for me to have a USA VW Dealer change a module setting using VAG-COM tool to turn off the DRL, or as another option, to set the DRL mode to send full voltage to the low beam bulbs?


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