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Can you put a baby seat in the center rear seat?

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I've read in a forum that some people have put a baby in the rear center seat of the EOS. I can't seem to find any sites or docs supporting that you can do this. I did come across one site,

It could be outdated info though. I didn't find any info in the manual either. We have a baby coming in 3 months and we would hate to get rid of the car because we can't put a baby seat in the rear middle seat. Any info would be appreciated


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Can you provide some info on the car booster seat you found that fits the Eos?
We have a 4 year old and all the boosters we have tried dont fit.

Thanks in advance.

I do not know which part of the world you live in - Britax is an Australian company which has been a world leader in child safety restraints for many years and has a full range of products to accommodate new-borns right through to 12 year olds. They have international distributors who can be accessed through the following link:

The most appropriate product for your 4 year old would be their Nova, Mobility or Horizon booster seat which are designed to be used with a center lap belt - see the following link for more specific information: - 14KG TO 26KG

My four adult children and two grandchildren [so far] have used Britax products in cars ranging from a Ford Capri to a Corniche Drophead and my experience with them has exceeded every expectation
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