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Dear all,

I have a problem which is giving me gip - I just can't keep a licence disc holder on my screen! I have to have two as I need a parking permit display. I'm on my 6th type, we clean the screen, obey all the instructions (even OH has taken to reading them!). But after a short while, as soon as the sun shines on the screen, plop, off they fall, and just sit on the front dash.

It has happend with both types, magnetic and sticky, and both parts or just one part have parted company with the screen. I've never had such a thing before in 30 years!

Any ideas?? Or is my baby haunted??


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Fitted my tax disc holder in the summer and noted all the instructions on how to get it to stick (it's a chrome twist off back one with an Eos etched onto the back of it! - check me out!). It clearly said to clean the window first with warm soapy water, dry thoroughly (blowing the air through to "clear" the screen assists) then use the adhesive stickers that came with the pack. It said to hold the disc holder in place for 5 minutes (and I used a clock - I actually obeyed the rules to a "T"!). It then said to keep it out of sunlight for the next 24ish hours I think (maybe I'm making that bit up - but it definitely said keep it out of sunlight straight away anyway! :p )

Perhaps this is where your car is failing you! lol


Good luck! (If all else fails I say use some superglue - at least it will never move then!! :D )

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