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I have only travelled 14000km and my Carbon Build-up sensor showing on my dash
When I bought the car the dealing said I would not seethis light come on before 100,000km had been travelled
Should I worry ? thats its happened so soon
I dont do a huge amount of short trips so am puzzled why this is showing now

Any ideas on how to handle the problem

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Hi Milt
I think you are refering to the DPF filter with its yellow warning light in the tacho. Hopefully not a problem if you follow the guide in the handbook, a 20minute fast run usuing the engine above 2000rpm should sort it, basicley you need to generate some heat in the exhaust system to burn off the soot particals that have been filtered out. If the handbook procedure does not cure the light a trip to the dealers is required.
I hope this helps it worked when mine came on.

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My particle filter warning light went off after 2000 Kms which was a real worry. I was driving in a very careful manner as you do with new things and this light came on. Immediately, the thought of "What have I bought here!" flashed across my mind' but a good long run brought it all back to normal. All its asking for is for you to drive it in a manner that allows the temperatures to build up for a long enough period so the filter can burn what's in it off.

I am almost at the 10000km mark and I havent sent it since.

Hope this helps !

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Kieran, funnily enough my experience has been the same.
Light came on at around 2,000km, 2 months after delivery.
Now at 16,000 and have not seen it since.
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