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Greetings Fellow Eosians,

Well I’m sure I’m not the first Eos owner to be caught speeding but may be one of the first to get off on a technicality. Sept 30th, 5.30pm, sun shining, top down, cruising along the Welsh country roads. Long clear straight stretch of the road ahead, no cars in sight so foot down, whoosh, wind in my hair (oops if I had any!) whipping along enjoying the ride. Eek, suddenly in the distance at the end of the road just before a bend I noticed a white van parked with a black rear window pointing down the road at me. Immediately braked to 60 mph and continued past the van and slowed down for the bend, it was then that I realised I was looking at a Police camera van.

Got my notice of intended prosecution 15 days later and it accuses me of doing 84mph in a 60mph limit, (ooh err!). That’s a court appearance and four point penalty with a couple of hundred squid fine.:(

So frantic search on the net looking at any way to minimise the penalty. Discovered that my notice should have been served within 14 days and mine came on the 15th day. It was posted on the 12th day right at the end of the recent postal strike in the UK. I sent a letter to the Police claiming it was posted too late and couldn’t possibly have been expected to arrive within the 14 days. Anxious wait for a reply and it came yesterday. Woo Hoo! Police admitted it was posted late and have dropped the charge. So one very lucky happy bunny here! :D

Have had cruise fitted now to control my speed a little better.;)

More info on the PePiPoo website at

Cheers, David :)

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Bril, davidp. Have read through the pepipoo site and its very interesting for furture reference, just in case! Well done again.
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