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Centre Armrest Ratchet

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My centre armrest ratchet stopped working recently and it was stuck in the up position. Then it freed itself but wouldn't go totally down and there was no ratchet. This was quite frustrating but today I have dismantled it all and found the problem. I thought it would be nice to post my own 'How to'. But I also need to replace a part and am hoping someone may know where I can get one...

For the first part of the strip I referred to this thread.

Once I'd removed the centre shell I removed the two axle bolts (that's what I'm calling them) to fully remove the arm rest.

In this image you can see the swing arm has a hole where the sprung peg sits happily allowing it to follow a runner keeping the swing arm in the correct position. Please note the trim which is also holding the arm in place.

Here you can see the trim has broken away. This happened once (I presume) the plastic sprung peg had crumbled and vanished. This is the arm that was no longer in position and prevented the correct ratchet operation of the armrest.

In this image you should be able to see the repositioned axle bolts but more importantly the runner which the sprung pegs should follow.

So I now need to replace the peg and spring that has gone missing although once I have done that I'm not totally sure if I need the trim in place as well. I may actually need to replace the complete armrest with pegs. Anyone else had any experience with this?
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I've had no luck at all scouring salvage yards including Find-A-Part so I've had to order the 'Armrest repair kit' - Part #: 1K0898207 from VW at £30.58. Although it is about a two week wait as there are none in the warehouse.
Great write up Guinnesstain I never new VW did an armrest repair kit as I could have done with one on my Passat which used to drop when lent on.

Thx for the help!
I was getting crazy! 😉
Here is a picture from the plastic bolts when they are fixed!


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The EOS center console housing can be a real pain. There's more than one version of it and MY07 EOS Sport has the worst kind. It's impossible to adjust or replace the parking brake cables without a lot of huff and puff removing many parts and screws.

If you still have it dismantled, see how difficult it is access the adjustment and consider repeating what I did to make any parking brake work easier in future.
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