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Check engine problem

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Hi, I've been a happy eos owner for a year. I haven't had any problems until today and I need your help. My problem is the check engine light and two errors, the engine has been working unstable for some time and as if unevenly, the vibrations are transferred to the seats while driving, they are not felt, but at a standstill with the engine on, the seats shake. I changed the coils and spark plugs. The check engine light goes out from time to time and appears again was connected to the computer but the errors are still there. The car has power and drives normally but I feel discomfort with transferring vibrations to the seats I know that the engine did not work in such a way


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Either you or a garage has to look at fault codes to help diagnose the problem. What does a garage say about the errors?
The mechanic said that the errors are irreparable and he does not know what is the cause of the engine's poor operation. I was recommended to clone the driver to make one out of two to see and display the rest of the errors that are not visible, I don't know anything about it at all. Maybe it's the driver's fault?
the engine is running and there is a knocking sound

Get a genuine V.W Dealer mechanic to give you a report and repair cost estimate?
It’s possibly the dual mass flywheel has failed. That will wreak havoc with sensors with vibration if it’s really bad.
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