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checking car spec? Is there a FSI and FSI-T?

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Hi all,

Is there a way to get detailed engine specs from a reg number, or a chassis number?

I have placed a deposit on a car, the dealers details say it's a 2.0 T, but their same web page advert says 2.0 FSI.

When we rang our insurance company they wanted to know if it was a T or not...

I know I could ask the salesman, but wanted an independent view, or one from a VW database if possible.

I've done this with my S-Max, by accessing the Ford ETIS system.


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One of our members recently posted the following link for decoding the vehicle build plate - haven't got time to search right now so my apologies for not acknowledging you:

This is a very useful site that also provides access to a lot of other relevant information about VW Group vehicles.
That is spot on, the VIN decodes to:

POWER / KW / HP / RPM 147 KW / 200 HP AT 5000 RPM
TORQUE / RPM 280 Nm AT 1800 RPM

Which is the Turbo version, so I'm very pleased :) The price was very good compared to other dealers, hence my concern!!


1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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