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I have a few methods I use depending on what seal I am checking and its location. The roof top seals are generally seal to seal contact, whereas some seals like the trunk seal are seal to body contact.

The first two methods I'm using are thin paper and a 10 thou long feeler gauge to run around a seal and check for contact pressure. That works well on the roof seals but is harder to do on the trunk seal. The trunk seal is set back quite a way from the edge of the trunk when it is closed and you need a very long feeler gauge or strip of metal shim.

I now have a new method which works well for the trunk seal and relies on taking a 'print' of the contact points you cannot see when the trunk lid is closed. It should also work well on the roof seals with white paper.

I wanted a dye that would mix with clear liquid Krytox which I was fairly sure would be chemically inert and not interfere with it. I found that dye which is black laser printer toner from an old cartridge and mixed it with some Krytox on a teaspoon.

My EOS has a light blue body color and after rubbing my black Krytox around the trunk seal I can close the trunk a few times, then check where the Krytox has transferred and I'm getting a seal. I had similar success running masking tape around the inside of the trunk lid (just in case you have a black/gray EOS!), but white masking tape is better to use than cream.

The weak points for getting trunk seal contact are on the curves around the rear light assemblies. You can imagine at speed in the rain, those side parts of the seal must be good. You can sometimes restore the seal contact by massaging with Krytox and carefully warming the seal with a hair dryer. In some cases you can gently lift up the seal to raise it a little. If you find there is zero contact along the rear bottom edge and big gaps at the sides you need to look at the trunk lid bump stop settings to ensure the lock pulls the lid down on to the seal.

Black Krytox is not that messy to deal with. You can easily wipe off excess with tissue and your seals will look a nice fresh black afterwards.
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