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Chrome Grill MK2 pictures

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i liked it so much i did it again :D
on the previous eos i had to do top and bottom so this was easier as the newer model has top done already
didnt bother for a awhile but felt it looked odd without it done
i think it gives the car a meaner look and distinguishes it more from the passat, note the blue indicators also which make more of a difference thani originally thought after seeing the wife driving the car towars me the other day.


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No - there were a number of different areas where it went "funny" - and strangely only ever happened on the middle rung. It looked as if there was a clear bit of plastic that had been left on and was flapping about a bit, but I don't think it was meant to come off as it wouldn't peel from the bits that still looked OK. The chrome underneath the plastic that was peeling was the bit that discoloured.

I may still have it in the garage. I'll maybe dig it out and post a pic some time.
Any chance of that pic? Was wondering whether to do mine or not...? :rolleyes:
41 - 41 of 41 Posts
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