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Clips on inner boot lid moving shelf

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Aloha All,
Has anyone been having problems with their inner boot lid movable shelf, metal clips popping off? I drive with the top down almost every day, and you have to make sure that movable shelf is in the down position. Well, the little metal clips that lock the catches to the shelf in place when in the down position simply popped out! I put them back in, but the keep occasionally keep popping out.
Anyone else out there having this happen? Thank goodness I found the little clips to pop them back in. I will bring this up to the dealer when I take the car in. Poor design. VW, I hope your listening?
Still have the windows getting confused and have to walk around car before leaving it parked to make sure all the windows have properly sealed. This car is starting to get on my nerves.
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hi there, the passenger side flap is open after closing the roof. I tried to pull back on the metal clip to clip it back in but it doesn’t reach to its spot to put it back. I can’t pull the clip up. It had pressure on it. Please help me here
1 - 2 of 20 Posts
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