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Clock spring

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I am waiting for a clock spring for 2010 high line with volume and Bluetooth phone controls and paddle shifters. Dealership said it’s under warranty due to recall back in 2018. Currently it’s back ordered and waiting for 4 months with no ETA. No horn no airbag Neither. Has anyone got lucky to find one? I even drove to stases and bought one from autozone but dealership mechanic could not assemble due to not same size even though autozone claims it is. Paid $50 on labour just to find out it doesn’t fit. I am reaching out here has anyone has access to clock spring? Live in Ontario willing to drive and pick up any location at this point. Thanks in advance.
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I have been waiting months as well with no ETA on the horizon. I checked with my favorite Audi/VW independent shop and we looked at this part specifically. It is labeled with AL and appears to ship in a bright green box which is the same color box as Valeo uses. I'm hopeful.... and it states there is a 3 year warranty. Should arrive this week and then I'll get it scheduled for installation.

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