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Clock spring

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I am waiting for a clock spring for 2010 high line with volume and Bluetooth phone controls and paddle shifters. Dealership said it’s under warranty due to recall back in 2018. Currently it’s back ordered and waiting for 4 months with no ETA. No horn no airbag Neither. Has anyone got lucky to find one? I even drove to stases and bought one from autozone but dealership mechanic could not assemble due to not same size even though autozone claims it is. Paid $50 on labour just to find out it doesn’t fit. I am reaching out here has anyone has access to clock spring? Live in Ontario willing to drive and pick up any location at this point. Thanks in advance.
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Do you have the part number?

Just looked on eBay and there are over 200 for sale, but without the part number specific to your car you may end up with the wrong one again.
Thanks I have the part number 5K0953569AL from VW dealership.
Do you have the part number?

Just looked on eBay and there are over 200 for sale, but without the part number specific to your car you may end up with the wrong one again.
Thanks I do have the part number from VW dealership. 5K0953569AL
Could be worth giving these guys a try.
Says it's for a Passat, but it is the same part number.

Thanks I will give it a try
Thanks I will give it a try
They just replied to my email stating that this part is on national back ordered. Not getting lucky with this part. Wonder maybe local part stores in Portugal might have this part since it was built there? North America seems dried out of this part.
There are many posts about V.W clock spring failures, even though it's one of the easiest faults to diagnose. The fact they superceded the part may be a clue and they changed something in the design with the new part number.

The same part is used on Skodas. An Ebay seller in Birmingham UK repairs them for £100 - They just found the correct ribbon cable to use! Although V.W call this a controller, AFIK it does no more than connect the steering wheel switches and airbag wires to the steering control module - no active electronics inside.

Ah, now I see the Chinese are cloning them new. I bought a replacement Chinese stalk with cruise and that looks and works o.k. As long as you source the 'H' or 'AL' I can't see your problem (except at the dealer).

Thanks a lot for information.
Good point! When I said the clockspring had no electronics, they bolted the controller interface on the end of the assembly. I can see why the firm in UK reconditions them because it's usually the Mylar multi way plastic ribbon that fails, not the controller it attaches to.
Thank you
The original part number was 5K0953569H which is what you might find used. V.W dropped it at the beginning of 2014 and replaced it with 5K0953569AL which is what your dealer is getting - quite expensive though.
Thanks this is very useful to know.
I have been waiting months as well with no ETA on the horizon. I checked with my favorite Audi/VW independent shop and we looked at this part specifically. It is labeled with AL and appears to ship in a bright green box which is the same color box as Valeo uses. I'm hopeful.... and it states there is a 3 year warranty. Should arrive this week and then I'll get it scheduled for installation.

I did the same, ordered the part should arrive this Monday. Thanks to this club I found the same part online, next week I will install it and let everyone know here how it worked out at the end. Also wrote a long letter to Volkswagen Canada about how ridiculous that they can't provide a safety part for their brand name. Now they create a case for this, hoping more people do the same.
It's a very expensive 'assembly' when it's most likely only the Mylar ribbon cable that has failed. I can see why some UK firms are repairing them but they must be getting the multi-way ribbon from somewhere? Get your old unit back from the dealer and tear it apart? I wouldn't rely on a warranty if it took another 3 months to get a replacement? Tear it apart, find out what failed using an ohmeter to check each track end to end and see if they can be fixed!
Good information thank you.
Chinese part arrived and dealer installed it on my expense. Everything working well thanks everyone in this group for their help and feedbacks. Now will go after VW Canada for reimbursement since it's a safety recall with little expectations but have to try.
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