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Common rail (CR) v Pumpe düse (PD) diesel

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Has anyone driven an Eos with the older PD Diesel and the new common rail diesel and able to compare them. Just wondering if there is much difference as the new CR engine is supposed to be quieter and smoother, or is that just marketing hype?
Cheers, David
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I would like to give you my feedback as owner (also) of a Passat 3BG variant 1.9 tdi 130 cv ...better motor in low rpm and tiny difference in high rpm, so you get better response with higher gears, even in 6ª gear it has power.

Do you know if there is been some software updating for the lake of power below 1500 rpm in the 2.0 tdi PD 140? I'm asking this as at least for Passat 3C there was 2 software updates.
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