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Convertible for the summer?

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This question is posed at those Eos owners who live in warmer climates than us Brits. Since owning a convertible is new to me, I was pondering the following question:-

In the summer when the sun is really hot (not sure if that ever happens here!) do you normally put the top down or keep it up and slam on the a/c?

PS especially for someone a bit thin on top:eek:
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I suppose the leather seats could be a problem with shorts. I don't suppose they are treated the same way as the BMW series 3 convertible. Their leather is supposed to keep the surface temperature 20 degrees (C) down from ambient???

Perhaps you can feed back a little later in the year when you get a bit more experience. Which will no doubt be long before us.
General opinion is for me to get a hat, shade, switch on the a/c, top down and enjoy the summer. (if and when it arrives here)

Thanks for all your comments, they are appreciated
At the price they were charging I did not think (nor could I stretch to) it would be a good investment so I stuck to the cloth interior. For the same money I could have had a new leather suite in my lounge.
1 - 4 of 14 Posts
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