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My 09 Eos was delivered with the above colour interior. I have always tried to wear lighter colour trousers or very faded jeans when driving. It is now 10 weeks old & I noticed that the seats were becoming quite dirty & discoloured, despite me avoiding wearing new jeans when driving. I think StephB had a similar problem.
I was wondering what to clean the seats with when my wife suggested that I try a leather cleaner from Betterware that she had just bought. I set about the cleaning today & I must say that the Betterware cleaner seems to have removed vitually all traces of any dye transferral from trousers to seats. I have attached a (not very good) photo of before & after treatment. The 2 panels on the right have been cleaned as has the side support at the bottom of the photo. The panel on the left & the side support at the top of the photo have not been treated.
I used a clean white lint free cloth (an old pillowcase) & it was amazing how much dirt came off. After cleaning, I sprayed the seats with Dasco leather protector which claims to prevent leather staining - we'll see. The photo does not really do justice to the improvement.
The PVC coated footwells, which were pretty mucky after all the weather we have been having, I scrubbed with soap & water & these now look as good as new.
It looks as though this will have to be a regular grooming exercise to keep the Eos looking good. The outside of the Eos, Reflex Silver, is currently covered in a fine coating of red Devon mud which will have to be removed this weekend but that should not be a problem for a bucket or two of soapy water & a hosepipe.
Hope the above may help any other cornsilk nappa leather owners.
I have absolutely no connection with Betterware or Dasco.


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Hi John,

I have cornsilk too, and it does show marks. A colleague who has a vintage car with cream leather suggested that for the odd dirty mark, WD40 does the trick - and it certainly does! Of course this isn't a good solution for all over cleaning, but it helps.

I don;t let me daughter wear her jeans at all, and if anyone of wearing darker coloured clothes, then the seat heater is definitely off!!

hey ho, the things we do for beauty!


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Hi John and Jaydee

Only had my EOS with the same colour interior 2 weeks, but previous car (sorry a Skoda) had same colour leather and Autoglym Leather Cleaner+Elbow Grease always worked a treat, even on areas where blue jeans had left their mark!

Good to read about both your cheaper tips though!

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