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For the record,
I can confirm that it is possible to change drivers (and passenger side) 1DS lamps on 3.2L 2007 eos without removing the front end and unbolting the headlight cluster forward. Very daunting because there is maybe 1/2" to do the work in initially.
Specifically for US drivers side:-
1) Take fusebox cover off - this gives you about an inch to work
2) Unclip headlamp-back retaining clip (leave in position if you can - very hard to get back in position once you are done, use a mirror, or just frustrating dumb luck)
3) Move top of headlamp-back away from housing and lift up once clear of the top edge lip to get the lower edge free of the hinge mechanism.
4) Gently manipulate the headlamp-back sideways to slide thru the cutout into the area above the wheel
5) Disconnect this wire to the self-leveling headlight motor Yellow circle indicates plug and socket detached:-
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6) Ok, you can see in the photo, now you have room to get your fingers in and find the flat tab that turns the locking mechanism that releases the grabber springs holding the light in place.
7) About a 1/4 turn on the lever will release the lamp (mine was on the side closest to the side of the car - it can be quite stiff to move)
8) The lamp just slides out...don't touch the glass when you put the new one back in. Seat in nice and square in the grabber springs and clamp it back into place
9) Put it back together reverse of above, easy! (Except for the metal spring that clamps the headlight access door in the right place)
Hope this helpful to someone - don't drive with a dead headlight!
Also, I wondered if my problem was the ballast, The light died red and flickering - apparently, that is a symptom of the lamp failing, not the ballast - the ballast would require removing the headlamp cluster as far as I can see.
i used Osram D1s
works fine, so far...

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Also, I wondered if my problem was the ballast,
These lamps usually have a very long life, in theory the life of the car. With use they age gracefully tending to go more blue, but internal failure of the bulb is rare unless the envelope is cracked. The electronic ballast and high voltage igniter are more likely to fail first if the wiring is good.
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