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Dealer fix for re-locking boot / trunk

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I know I saw a thread with someone who had an issue with this problem, but since I can't find it I am making this update thread.

So I also have this problem with my trunk relocking as soon as you pop it via the key fob or the release button on the dash.

The tech was in the catch mechanism for some time yesterday (I was getting my 20k service) trying to figure why the motor would recatch the lid so easily. Turns out that this is a common problem and the spring holding the trunk lid looses tension quite easily on our vehicles. My Eos is less than an year old and this has be an increasingly annoying problem probably within 9 months of ownership.

The senior mechanic came to me and said that for the Eos they have had to order a small rod (abt 1/8 inch long) to fit into the assembly to hold the lock apart unless you press down on the lid to catch the latch. He said you would never know it is there and it wouldn't make the lid any harder to close; it would just keep it from relocking under it's own weight.

This is a warranty item and I am having it installed probably early next week. I will be sure to report on the efficacy of the rod and if it works well maybe others should consider having it installed just to avoid the seemingly eventual problem you may encounter.

oh, and if anyone has read my other recent post I got a tube of krytox from an independent audi / VW repair shop for $25 for 30ml. Not a bad price from what I have been hearing. I think I probably only had to use 10ml worth to do the entire roof assembly and the creaking has stopped! horray!
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So, I got the mod this past Thursday. Didn't work at all. I saw it was a thicker rod that the latch mechanism would grab onto. Well, one pop of the key fob or the button inside the car and the trunk latched right back again. The dealer ended up removing the lower latch rod assembly - yes the whole thing - and they reattached it slightly lower. I suppose the idea is to make the reattachment point lower and harder to grab onto. Well, it seemed to work, though it did grab immediatly once, but I can't get it to do it again. So this seems to have solved the problem. Lets just hope it is a long term fix.

I'm not trying to over complain to you guys, but it just seems now that my car is about to turn one year old and appears to be upset that it is getting older - hence the next sentence.

For the next round of problems please find my post for my sticking clutch.
Which dealer is yours?
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